Introduction Courses

Introduction To Graphic Design

We begin with the “What Is” of Graphic Design and how Graphic Design is all about visually communicating an idea, thought, message or meaning by combining symbols, images and/or words.

Elements And Principles Of Design

In this course, you will learn to develop a “Designer’s Eye”, by understanding the building blocks of Graphic Design.

Colour Theory

One of the most important factors of any design is colour. Color theory creates a logical structure and is vital to understand as part of your design education.

Why Us

Our courses introduce you to both the theoretical and practical aspects of graphic design;

You will receive the best knowledge advantage when it comes to visual communication and aesthetic principles;

You will produce work for both print and digital formats and develop a sense for the business side of this field;

Our dedicated team and find out what sets us apart from other online schools.

Our online courses are flexible with schedules to suit you, and pathways to match your study and career requirements.

Special Courses

  • 01

    Adobe Photoshop

    Learn Adobe Photoshop from scratch and master the best software for treatment, retouching, and creation of digital images on the market.

  • 02

    Introduction To Typography

    Typography plays a critical role in strengthening your brand, creating interest in your product, and highlighting your central message.

  • 03

    Adobe Illustrator For Logo

    Here we examine best practices associated with creating logos, all while utilizing the power of Adobe Illustrator for logo creation.

Heroes Behind the Company

ConkCreative detailed graphic design training courses will open up the world of digital graphic design and help you expand your skillset.

Learn from creative professionals who gladly share their tips, techniques, and workflows in some of the most widely used graphic design programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Muse and more. View our library of graphic design tutorials and start on your learning path today.

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Graphic designer

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