15 Biggest Design Trends To Rock On Your Website

01. Art Deco

Deco is a powerful visual art design style that was first emerged after the First World War in France. It is an eclectic style combining conventional craft motifs with imagery and materials from the Machine Age. The style is often categorized by bold curves, rich colors, geometric shapes, and motion lines.

Though the design style is a hundred years old, we think that it is going to make a serious comeback in 2019. The trend is associated with the classic work of the designers Raymond Loewy and A.M Cassandre. This design style can be applied to any theme or subject. In America, the style is known with names like Jazz Modern, Modern, Modernistic or Streamline style.

02. Asymmetrical Layouts

In the last few years, you must have noticed that the layout of advertisements and websites are relatively similar. The extreme right corners of windows are not being used as they are filled with advertisements. But in 2019, you will get to see asymmetrical and scattered grid style layouts.

This new style layout will not put the information in traditional (square and rectangle) formats. The users feel curious to know where the graphics and information will go next, making them spend more time on your website and explore more.

03. 3D Design

In 2019, 3D is going to play a big role in both graphic and web design. Apart from communicating a specific objective, the unification of images gives an extraordinary amount of depth for the audience to absorb and get engaged in it. In order to hold the interest of the audience, a lot of companies are turning to this style of artwork.

The increase in the usage of 3D designs is motivating graphic designers to get more creative and think out of the box. With the rise in the programs like Adobe Dimension, the trend is going to affect enormously in product packaging.

04. Flexible Logo Types

Just like the last year, brands will continue to demand more from their logo design in 2019. Flexible logo types, where letters can switch position, give companies more flexibility in using the logo.

Whether you go with animated version or adapt to a limited space in app design, flexible logo types is surely going to make big news this year.

05. Metallic Effects

If you are thinking that gold is no more in fashion, then think again. Iron, Gold, Bronze, Platinum, they all are making a comeback this year. Designers use metallic effects to add dimension to the design.

When you play the light, you get a 3D object that gives a high-class effect. And the best thing about this design element is that it doesn’t lose its appeal when gets printed on posters, brochures, etc. All thanks to the latest technology!

06. Realism + Flat Design Elements

You must have heard of the popular saying ‘opposite attracts.’ In order to catch the attention of users, graphic designers have always been mixing the trends that complement each other.

But if they want to create something unique and innovative, they are more likely to experiment with an odd mixture of dimensions, styles, and techniques. Real-world objects combined with flat visual design elements, according to us, are also going to gather a lot of attention in 2019.

07. Floating Objects

We are not sure when we will get to see the era of flying cars, but the era of floating objects in graphic design is about to come. The main idea behind the concept is to create images that not only move as if in non-gravity environment but also conveys the felling of freedom.

A 3D technique is often mixed up with the concept. While the field of 3D designing reveals the potential of a designer, the non-gravity concept certainly gives a go-ahead to add more interest to the work.

08. Open Composition

You must have seen that in order to give a design a finished look, designers use frames in the design. But now the trend of open, airy designs have come in. Designers can now get rid of the frames and attract the audience with open, airy designs.

Though each part looks like one piece of the entire design, designers can use the composition creatively to make it endless with every part continuing the composition. The concept can easily be used in website design , so add this in your website design trends list.

09. Isometric Design

With the help of Isometric designs you can create the whole universe in a small place with full detailing. It may sound little technical, but it is merely a method of drawing 3D objects in two dimensions. Though the design is clean and simple, it has depth that cannot be reflected in a flat design.

The thing that is making this trend popular is the icons. Isometric icons are more warm and tactile as compared to flat design. Additionally, as compared to 3D, isometric designs are saved in smaller file size.

10. Pictogram Logos

There is nothing new in the icon-based logo design, but this year, you will see brands using pictogram logo style.

This style will help the brands in showing their brand identity in a more symbolic way. Such type of logos doesn’t contain any text. It means that your design has to be visually very strong.

11. The Glitch Effect

It’s so funny to see how trends get emerged. The thing that earlier used to be a mistake for designers has now become a trend. The glitch effect is basically a corrupted image that gets created purposefully. Different colored layers or a lack of regularity between two parts of the image deform the image.

Over the years, the effect has been used in horror movies, but in 2018 the trend takes over the mainstream graphic design world. And it will continue to retain its position this year as well.

12. Vivid Colors

In today’s competitive world, where the attention span is very short, colors can help the professional graphic designers to capture the attention of audience and communicate the message. And this year, they are grabbing attention with the help of vivid colors. It’s time to forget about playing safe with colors.

You will get to see a lot of rich and vivid color schemes in the design world. In 2018, companies like Apple, Adidas, Nike has already make use of vivid colors in their products as well as marketing efforts. And in 2019, the trend is going to rule in a supreme way.

13. Maxi Typography

Typography plays an important role in graphic designing. It has the power to communicate the message of a brand. Therefore the typeface you choose needs to be clearly visible and must match with brand identity. In 2019, typography is going to reach new heights.

In order to use this design trend, just insert a text box in your project by using ‘A’ symbol in designer’s menu. After making changes in the text, enlarge the size by using Text Properties toolbar. Don’t hesitate to play with composition. After all, when it comes to innovative designs, there are no rules.

14. Complex Gradients and Duotones

Last year was all about gradient. Companies like Microsoft, Apple Music, Fast Company, etc. have embraced it and the trend is all set to take new heights this year. Complex gradients add a depth to the design. And it looks amazing on mobile devices. So if you are looking to give your brand a youthful look, then going with this trend would be the right choice.

Talking about duotones, well it is another one of the graphic design ideas that fits easily with any other trends. Duotone images replace the blacks and whites in an image with two colors. By using duotones, you can create any image that matches with your brand personality.

15. 50 Shades Of Blue

If there is one color that will dominate the year ahead, it’s blue. Just pick any shade of blue and team it with metallic or neon’s colors for beautiful contrast.

You can also pair them with warm shades like coral orange, brick red, etc. The combination will surely help you in getting the attention of audience.