Top 10 Graphic Design Trends To Keep You Up To Dated

1. 3D design and typography

Today, 3D design work has become omnipresent. Both designs and typography have the ability to add depth to any art. The 3D graphics, patterns, fonts, and avatars give a realistic effect to any image. Another design trend that adds to the realistic effect is 3D typography. It brings life and depth to flat objects or designs. Graphic designs can be perfect for print or web projects.

Designers should focus on making simple designs and pair them with easy-to-read text. It makes everything look clean cut and elegant.

2. Mid-century modern

The mid-century modern elements and designs have already taken the fashion and interior design industries by storm. Mid-century modern has been a steadily growing trend in graphic design. These designs give both a mid-age and modern touch to any design.

Mid-century modern designs and typography are best suited for both web and graphic worlds. Many brands are incorporating these modern elements and illustrations in their designs for a unique visual appeal.

3. Custom illustrations

In past years, designers focused on illustrations with bold and thick lines, even though more elegant and delicate illustrations had been on the rise. The trend of custom illustrations seems to be heavily influenced by natural and botanical elements, with softer lines and less bold text.

Custom illustrations are already leading in the packaging design trends. Designers can render intricate designs beautifully against textured backgrounds. They can also strike a right balance between simplicity and maximalism in designs by adding premium materials.

4. Buxom serifs

Serifs are here to stay! The past year has given some great serif fonts. This year, too, they’re on trend. In graphic design, if illustrations are getting lighter and better, it’s because of the impact of font choice, which makes for visually attractive and balanced designs.

Serifs are smarter, better, and make your content stand out. Sans-serifs and custom fonts will continue to reign and can make everything highly visible. This year, designers will see a spectrum of serif fonts. Hand-drawn fonts can also make your designs stand out.

5. Open compositions

One of the most popular and commonly used graphic design trends is open compositions. Previously, designers used to use frames and box designs to encase the elements in a strictly organized way. Text and images were visible, but not in a visually appealing manner.

Graphic designers are learning to embrace open compositions in their designs. Open compositions and bespoke designs are gaining more popularity because they make the elements appear to be floating off of the screen.

6. Isometric design

When open compositions fail to work, isometric designs come into the picture. They can create an entire universe in the tiniest of spaces. Isometric designs are a way of projecting 3D objects in 2D. This gives depth to any design and object.

When compared to flat designs, isometric designs reign supreme. They make the designs look attractive, warm, and tactile. The best part about these isometric icons is that they consume less file space compared to flat designs.

7. Pops of vivid color

Muted, dark, or pastel colors can make your content, design, and illustrations look gloomy. As a fun switch, this year is all about vivid colors that make designs POP. Experiment with pops of vivid color like shades of blue, electric yellow, and bright corals. You can also use lighter shades or hues to make an attention-grabbing graphic.

These vivid color palettes are replacing the primary and secondary color schemes. More brands are shifting to vivid colors to attract the attention of consumers.

8. Strong typographic focal points

The strong or bold typographic focal points make content visually strong and readable. They make text easy to read on small devices and social media feeds. They project innovation, strength, and individuality. These bold fonts often support other design elements in the graphic design world. Thus, most brands favor the use of these bold types to attract users.

In 2019, strong typographic font will become the primary focal point in graphic designs. If you want your brand to instantly grab the attention of your readers, use it!

9. Light and dark color schemes

Light and dark color schemes have gradually become ‘on trend’ this year. Many popular apps like Chrome, Spotify, Messenger, and others have this dual-colored scheme.

Many big brands in the tech world are widely using this color trend to create a visually stunning impact that their customers generally love. Because of this, light and dark color schemes are here to stay.

10. Futuristic influences into the mainstream

The impact of futuristic designs and patterns is commonly seen in graphic design. Futuristic colors, patterns, and ideas will be dominating the graphic design world in the near future.

You can combine graphic design trends like vivid colors and futuristic imagery to help your brand become an influencer in the marketplace. These design types can make the brand stand out from the rest.